You’re a Writer. Oh Yes You Are


George Orwell By Branch of the National Union of Journalists (BNUJ). ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
You’re probably not George Orwell, but you’re still a writer

Whenever people find out what I do, and usually when I first speak to clients, they tell me how much they hated English at school and how uncomfortable they feel expressing themselves in writing. In one way I think this is great: it means I’ll have a job for a while longer. But it also stinks, because it reveals that there are so many people out there struggling with writing.

You might be one of them. If so, this blog is dedicated much more to you than to people who happily identify themselves as writers. In fact, I don’t really see eye to eye with most writers. What with their unreliable narrators and their metatextuality, they’re generally full of crap.

So if you think you’re not a writer, why not take my fool-proof diagnostic quiz. Answer ‘yes’ to one or more questions, and you formally warrant this official diagnosis: you’re a writer.

  1. Have you ever sent an email, a tweet or a text message?
  2. Ever left a post-it note for a colleague or loved one?
  3. You’ve updated your Facebook status bar a few times over the years, yes?
  4. Have you ever dictated anything to a voice dictation system or a real live person?
  5. Have you ever felt annoyed by somebody else’s grammar mistakes (mine, for instance)?
  6. Ever kept a diary, even for a day?
  7. Ever struggled to find the words to put in a greetings or condolence card?

Gotcha, I bet. You may spend all your time trying not to write, but your ‘yes’ means that you’re a writer all the same. Now it’s time for you to concentrate on making your writing life easier.

You’ve found exactly the right source of help and inspiration!

Lynn is the founder and quality-maven-in-chief of Lexis Writing, a collective of expert writers creating high quality content and copy for businesses in the UK and beyond.

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