Walking IS Thinking: The Real Reason Walk to Work Week Probably Improved Your Performance

Today, like most days, I have a series of tight deadlines. You probably do, too, so you’re either reading this blog to get help or as a displacement activity. Welcome! Writing is a physically demanding job. Stop laughing at the back: I’m serious. I spend a whole lot of time sitting at my desk, which, […]

Perfect Procrastination through Research

We writers know that research is one of the real three rs, don’t we? It’s the foundation of everything we do. Therefore, you have to take it seriously and do all your research up front before you start writing. Because you can’t start writing if you don’t understand your subject. Alas, no. If you happen […]

How to Relax Your Brainal Sphincter

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you’ll know how strongly I recommend thinking of writing as a process. If you want to be more fluent as a writer, this perspective is a must. Today’s topic illustrates why. Have you ever sat down to start a piece of writing and felt paralysed by the activity […]

Got Writer’s Block? Try This Fix

Do you find writing difficult? I do. This may come as a bit of a surprise when you consider that for most of my life I’ve written a lot, and practically every day. I even write on my days off. Evidently a taste for difficulty lies somewhere in my psyche. For me, writing’s difficulty comes […]