Word of the Week: Metonym

Yes, folks, I’m talking rhetoric again. I just can’t leave the subject alone. Today’s word is a figure of speech you use–whether you know it or not–whenever you say or write something like, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Here’s how my Chambers Dictionary app defines metonym: My favourite example of metonymy is found […]

Word of the Week: Encomium

This week’s word is a particular delight. Though easily confused with a popular brand of chilli sauce, it’s something quite different. Here’s the definition, as set out in my old faithful Chambers Dictionary app: Update: here’s an excellent usage example for the word ‘encomium’, snapped by me and uploaded to my Instagram account. Great use […]

Word of the Week: Coterminous

This week’s word is one I find almost endlessly useful. A definition, please, Chambers: This is a good one to use figuratively, as in, “I’m sure we can reach an accommodation, Dr Evil. Our interests are, after all, coterminous.” LynnLynn is the founder and quality-maven-in-chief of Lexis Writing, a collective of expert writers creating high […]