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My Year with WordPress. Part 3: Getting Help (And Working Out What Help You Need)

When you first get going with WordPress, you’ll probably need help. This is true even if you have some background in web technologies (like your humble correspondent here). One of the frustrations I aired in my last WordPress-related blog post was the difficulty in finding ‘how to’ information for themes and plugins. Once you’ve been […]

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My Year with WordPress. Part 2: Things I Love, Things I Hate

Every relationship has its ups and downs. I’ve been with WordPress for nearly fifteen months now, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d write about some of my favourite and not-so-favourite aspects of this versatile platform. 1)            I love that with WordPress you have such control over the appearance of your website. It’s […]

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Are You Asking a Content Writer to do a Copywriter’s Job?

As a content and copywriter, I communicate with a large number of potential clients over the course of my working week. Most of them have absolutely no idea about the distinction between copy and content writing. And why on earth should they? That’s one of the reasons they hire me. What often happens (about four or […]